Today’s cafe hopping adventure takes us to Grand Jeté Cafe & Bar at Takashimaya. It’s been here for a few years but I’ve never eaten here. Been dying to try their Tonkatsu Sandwich [$13++] which looked so yummy online. We ordered an Earl Grey tea [$8++] too. The tonkatsu was really delicious, it didn’t have any gristle or fat. Felt a bit let down by the cabbage, it wasn’t cold and super crispy like I expected. Didn’t really think the sesame fit in with the sandwich and found the bread a tad chewy. The fries were nice but a little salty. The tea was concentrated and bitter but the waitstaff were very nice and topped it up with hot water. The homely ambiance reminds me of the fictional cafe in Before The Coffee Gets Cold. An ideal cafe for a chat with friends or a brief respite away from the crowds.

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