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Chocolate pappardelle — you can bet your ass I’ve never heard of, much less tried, anything like it. Theoretically with the earthiness chocolate has, it’s got so much potential for uses in savoury dishes (mole sauce anyone?); but I’ve never seen a local establishment use it as excitingly as South Union Park. Weaved into their handmade pappardelle dough, the chocolate lends an amazing aroma and nutty depth to the dish, especially when you slurp it with a mouthful of tender braised beef and it’s flavourful jus. Take all of that with the chewy, al dente handmade pasta, and a touch of underlying sweetness from the sherry, every bite is literally a fireworks display of flavours and textures. I know this sounds really out of the box and possibly too crazy for some; but if you would just trust me and take a leap of faith, I promise you’re in for a huge treat.