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This appetizer is a marriage of two differently prepared slices of foie gras. The foie gras terrine is derived from a whole liver that has been de-veined, mashed into a pot and cooked in a water bath on an extremely low heat, resulting in a densely packed slab of liver that retains its purest flavors. The terrine is thick, buttery, and creamy with nuanced notes of a floral sweetness. The pan-seared foie gras (our favorite method of preparation for foie gras), is flash seared on high heat so that the exterior crisps up and caramelizes while the fat in its interior melts just ever so slightly and inundates the entire lobe with an silky oiliness. This sublime piece of decadence disintegrates into a rich, creamy, and umami goodness immediately as it touches the tongue, with a hint of sweet smokiness from the seared exterior. The julienned pears and caramelized peaches balances out the richness of the pan-seared foie gras with its sweet and juicy fruitiness.