Steamboat/Hotpot buffet. Service was excruciatingly slow, & the hot plate took so long to boil the soup. Perhaps it's their way of preventing any burnt pots (which, btw, if it happens, you're apparently charged $9). Once it got going, though, it was all good.

You can choose 2 flavours for your soup base, since the hotpot is split down the middle. Went with Laksa 叻沙 (their specialty) & Herbal 药材. Other choices: Chicken 鸡汤, Seafood 海鲜, Ma La 麻辣. The Laksa was quite special & the herbal taste in the Herbal soup is fairly strong. I liked both, although I felt very thirsty after my meal. 😁

You order meat, seafood & noodles from an order sheet, & help yourselves to the vegetables at the self-service buffet counter near the entrance. There is a cooked food section on the order sheet, but our orders came about 1 hour later (wat), which was hilarious. Cooked food = Golden Mantou, Chicken Nuggets, Fried Tofu, Chicken Wings, Spring Rolls, Fried Fish Balls, Potato Wedges, Luncheon Meat.

🌬 Air-conditioned seats only
💻 Accepts reservations - Quandoo & Chope
👃 You WILL smell like food when you leave