It's a long time for never tried it since flashbang and artbox singapore (2017). I decided to try it out during cold weather and it's a challenge but yet my sister and I were hunting for frozen yogurt ice cream at convenience store after dinner time at Korea back at 2017. Don't try to eat during cold weather especially sensitive to temperature changes. I didn't know salted caramel was their latest flavour until seeing someone post it online. So I picked three different flavours ($6.20) - Matcha / Peach / Salted Caramel. Its quite hard to taste while defrost the mochi ice cream. I waited for a while to let it melt it first. Matcha is a bit bitter and strong green tea taste, Peach is a sweet taste and remind of chinese new year mood and lastly not list Salted Caramel is a bit sweet but salty aftertaste.