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Since it's Friday, it's time for my liver to work hard. This beautiful blonde pint of Fortunate Islands from Modern Times' Beer is a real purdy party starter.

It's basically the love child of a sturdy wheat beer and a hoppy, wild IPA that hooked up in a very small space (kek), as it goes down easy like a good blonde wheat beer should, but you get the hoppiness and distinctive bitterness of an IPA at the tail end of every swig.

It tastes strongly of citrus fruits with lemon being the most prominent, along with notes of papaya and mango present for the party throughout. The heavy hoppiness really kicks in at the end, but the smoothness helps to still ensure that it's still chuggable. It's crisp and utterly refreshing, a great accompaniment to the great hawker food at Chinatown Complex.

Smith Street Taps is a real great place to get real good brews on draft at real good prices. Better yet, the booze on tap gets rotated out every few weeks or so, meaning that you get to try all kinds of brews. All kindssssss.