Finally got down to Shi Li Fang after hearing so much about it, but as much as I wanted to like it, it kinda fell short of expectations. We got the chicken and ma la soup bases, both were average with the chicken one being slightly better (heard the tomato is one of the best ones here). Didn’t slurp down too much soup but it made us really thirsty after the meal. 😔 That said, plus points for the fresh ingredients served quickly after orders despite being full house!

Heard that prices are affordable, but that's more for the set meals. The ala carte options are not the most kind to the wallet imo - ordered some of the more basic dishes and our bill came up to $54 for 2 pax, something I'd prefer to pay for a buffet at one of the steamboat places in Bugis. But, collect enough stamps here and you can redeem soft toys in exchange!