Located opposite NSK Kuchai Lama, this corner shop makes for yummy family dinners over Vietnamese classics and more. Come as a big group and tuck into mouth-watering dishes like the BBQ Pork Ribs (RM15), Lemongrass Squid (RM13) and Claypot Ca Loc (fish, RM16), best had with a bowl of White Rice (RM2). Try their signature sides as well, like the Banh Xeo (RM15), a crispy and savoury egg pancake stuffed with meat and crunchy beansprouts. For a solo lunch, look to the Pho (RM14.80) filled with thin slices of beef or the Vietnamese Pork Chop & Spring Roll Noodle (RM12.80) that will make you happy you're not sharing.
Photo by Burppler Shun Teoh