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#BurppleBeyond 1-1

House Special Chicken Pot $17.90
Numbing & Fiery Chicken Pot $17.90
Spicy Chicken Cubes $13.80
Hot Plate Prawns $14.80

Total: $71+

Utilised 2 vouchers for 5 pax. Ordered 2 Chicken Pots (Small) and 2 mains and about 5 add-ons into the 2 pots. We preferred the spicy chicken pot over the house special as its more fragrant and the spicies really gave our taste buds a strong kick! Portion of chicken in both pots were alright and we find the side dishes are on the pricier side, like one portion of instant noodles cost $3.90. For the mains, the Spicy Chicken Cubes, the ratio of the dried chillis flakes to the small chicken cubes was like 15:1, but chicken was well fried and flavourful. I like the sauce of the Hot Plate Prawns, and it looked really appetitizing with the colourful condiments. Overall, Beyond made it a fairly good deal especially when dining with friends since the price is on the higher side.

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