Have heard rave reviews about Cheeky and we finally checked them out a few weeks back and we have pretty mixed feelings about the food here.

The Cheeky Breakfast Club ($25) gets a big yes from us because for one, the portion size is M A S S I V E, just the way a breakfast platter should be. It came with thick cut bacon, scrambled eggs, sourdough toast, spinach salad, balsamic roast mushrooms and honey confit cherry tomatoes. CAN WE JUST SAY that their sourdough toast is absolutely BANGING and is honestly some of the best sourdough toast we’ve had to date. It had just the right amount of denseness to it as well as a lovely toasted edge that let off a massive crackling sound when we bit into it. We also loved the thick cut bacon which truly was THICCCCC and well cooked and marinated.

We also sampled the Dashi Poached Salmon ($25) and that was where the disappointment came in. The salmon portion itself was very small, definitely not enough to make someone full unless they have a very small appetite. The fish was also not cooked properly was shockingly dry and hard to chew. We did, however, enjoy the other components; sautéed spinach was seasoned well, sous vide egg was lovely and runny, and the ravigote yoghurt dressing was pretty on point. It’s a shame that the star of the dish, the salmon, was executed so poorly. Will definitely be back in the future but we hope any future experiences will be more pleasant!

They sadly won’t be open during the Circuit Breaker period and neither will they be doing deliveries. Just gotta have to wait till after this month is over!

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