Went on a Friday night. It was somewhat crowded although we didn't have to queue. Burpple beyond 1-for-1 deal was not really the case. We were told to order a dessert (in souffle or bingsu series) worth > $12 and get the Mango Sago with Pomelo (not applicable for durian) or Red Bean Paste for free.

Pictured here is the Mochi Snow Ice ($16.90) and the Mango Sago with Pomelo (worth $6.90). Total bill came up to $16.90 with no GST/Service Charge.

Mochi snow ice was a complete letdown - we expected something similar to injeolmi bingsu but it certainly took on a Chinese muah chee with peanuts style and to top it off, there was a lack of milk/sweetness in the shaved ice and tasted absolutely bland. But maybe it's our fault for being careless to assume it would take on a bingsu-like style. Beneath the shaved ice was some sweet yellow kids cereal. Vanilla ice cream certainly tasted like Wall's ice cream, not some sort of premium brand you might expect for this price tag. Mango sago with pomelo was probably the saving grace for the meal. It was pretty gao and not watered down.

Despite the insta-worthy environment with its neon lights, blue interior and ballpit, the food offerings leave more to be desired. Adhering to the Burpple deal is one for a start as we felt a bit scammed at the end of the meal by the limited food choices and the mochi "bingsu" itself. Certainly not a place I would return to.

Just send a complain email to the burpple customer service. They will get something done.