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I’ve always enjoyed the exotic flavours of Mediterranean dishes from the clever use of spices & herbs. 💕 When it comes to Mexican food, @guzmanygomezsg is 1 of the best options IMO! Made with all-natural fresh produce imported from Australia or locally-farmed, let’s bring those burritos & tacos on! 🌯
Fresh soft/hard tortilla is a constant here, where you can customise with the meats/veggies of your choice 🥙 alongside fluffy white/brown rice, black beans boasting of nutty fragrance, savoury Australian Jack cheese 🧀, refreshing fresh-chopped tomato salsa 🍅, & finally drizzled with their house-blend salsa. You can also go for those crispy corn chips like doritos, or a salad base 🥗 for clean eats.
Meat lovers will have a hard time choosing between their 7 types of fillings! 😍😍😍 There’s juicy pan-seared barramundi 🐟, tender slow-roasted beef 🐄, smoky grilled steak, succulent slow-roasted pulled pork 🐷 & classic grilled free-range chicken 🐓. If you’re vegetarian, fret not cuz there’s Sautéed Vegetables with Guacamole 🥑!
The side of guacamole just completes the whole gastronomical experience! 😋Absolutely love the thick creamy texture that compliments the crispy house-made corn chips perfectly. 💯
Here’s the feast we had:
🔹️Quesadillas with Pork, Beef & Spicy Chicken (3 for $10.90)
🔹️Cali Burrito -> Fries in a Burrito! (R $12.90/M $8.90)
🔹️Burrito Fajitas (R $12.90/M $8.90)
🔹️Nacho Fries w Grilled Chicken (R $12.90/M $8.90)
🔹️Burrito Bowl w Grilled Chicken (R $10.90/M $7.90)
🔹️Enchilada w Spicy Chicken (Regular $14.90/Mini $9.50)
🔹️Tacos w Barramundi, Beef & Grilled Chicken (3 for $11.50)
🔹️Nachos w Slow-Roasted Beef (R $13.50/M $8.50)
🔹️Salad w Barramundi (R $12.50/M $8.90)
If I had to choose my favourites, they've got to be the Nacho Fries & Burrito Bowl! ❤❤❤ The rice & fries soak up the sauces really well, making every bite a flavourful one! 👍🏻
Pair your meal with their Jarritoes (natural flavour sodas, $4) that come in fruity flavours such as guava, mango, lime, mandarin orange or Mexican Cola for a fizzy & refreshing ride! 👌🏻
Thank you @kepnpgl @guzmanygomezsg for the Mexican immersion! 😘😘😘