Peace Centre has yet another new F&B establishment — excitedly made the visit to Aladdin’s Castle by ABC since I was back at work in the office and there are some folks around who are fairly open to try out Indian cuisine. Was pretty spoilt for choice for their menu is rather extensive — think mains from fried rice, fried noodles and Briyani to sharing plates such as the vegetarian dishes and meat/fish/poultry options, not to mention Prata, Naan and even a section dedicated to Southern Thailand cuisine.

We were recommended the Mutton Briyani but we decidedly went for the Chicken Briyani and the Madras Mutton on the side just so in case we aren’t into the mutton (PS: The Madras Mutton is something not to be missed here; another dish recommended by the server that is almost like Gam Heong Chicken). Whilst the basmati grains from here aren’t that savoury and even as coloured as some Briyani which some hawker stalls serve up (different style perhaps?), we absolutely dig how the rice was so fragrant from the spices such as star anise and cardamom — light, fluffy and so easy to eat with its fragrant aroma that keeps one going. There was a variant that featured Tandoori Chicken (i.e. Tandoori Briyani), but ours came with a more plain piece of steamed chicken — relatively juicy and tender considering how we left the chicken untouched for quite a while; pretty apt when had with the basmati rice, while the hard boiled egg was. A decent addition to round off the deal.

Indian cuisine is something I don’t have too much of an exposure to — wouldn’t be able to tell fairly on how authentic or ever good the Chicken Briyani from Aladdin’s Castle is. One thing I do know is that we were pretty impressed with the various items we have ordered (including the Palek Panneer and the Madras Mutton) — and it’s a place we will look forward to returning to for some satisfying Indian cuisine when the craving hits. Anyone can recommend some Indian cuisine establishments that I should check out?