for $4.50, there’s just something so comforting and satisfying having this plate of springy noodles, tossed w fried eggs and veges late at night 🤤 it looks so plain but honestly it’s super tasty w just the right amt of seasoning!! u can always add meat if u r a meat lover they have endless options :~)

i always have mine w a side of sausage cheese omelette ($4.50) and it’s honestly the best!! it’s super fluffy; cooked thoroughly on the outside but inside it’s filled w large soft curds of blobby scrambled eggs, the oozy melted cheese (it literally has that pull effect) and ofc the savoury sausage that adds such a nice texture and cuts through the creaminess!!

ps the mushroom cheese omelette ($4.50) is pretty good too but i find it slightly lacking in texture + it’s usually more wet??? as compared to the sausage one!!