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I love these mooncakes for both their crumbly flaky pastry and the fillings. It’s low in sugar, and any sweetness I had tasted appears to come mostly from the premium ingredients – Thai premium taro (the same one used for the signature fried taro dish at PUTIEN), and Japan’s first grade purple sweet potato. These were peeled, sliced, steamed, mashed, then stir-fried with oil into a smooth texture. Indeed, Madam Leng is commited to offering “fresh ingredients, original taste” for these mooncakes based on her home recipe.
Available till 24 Sep 2018. Prices are as follows (GST applies):
* Yam S$12/piece
* Purple Sweet Potato S$13/piece
* Yam w/ Single Yolk S$13.50/piece
* Purple Sweet Potato w/ Single Yolk S$14.50/piece
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