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🎶 Plus your mouth too!!! 😂 .

And this baby from Citrus by the Pool is something I'll always say "aah" to! 🤗 Found under their menu as the Catch of the Day ($16.90+), this dish features a thick slab of pan-seared salmon 🐟 served on a bed of mashed potato alongside seasonal vegetables like corn 🌽 , broccoli 🥦 , cherry tomatoes 🍅 , mushrooms 🍄 and sweet potatoes 🥔 .

A pescatarian's favourite, the salmon fillet here is grilled to perfection such that its flesh is succulent while its skin is crispy and slightly charred! 🤤 .

To finish, the dish is then doused in a homemade cream sauce which really elevated the overall taste of the fish, mash and veggies. Yummy! 😋 .

Thanks @nickblitzz for the kind invite and @dawnchansg @citrusbythepool for the warm hospitality and the sumptuous spread ❤