The desserts here were really fun to try because of they have never-before-seen flavours. Guess that's where all Godmama's "modernity" went because their savoury dishes don't seem that modern to me. Good effort but my unadventurous tastebuds found the way the flavours blended a bit jarring.

Cempedak Creme Brulee ($10.90) 🍮 4/10
The creme brulee was quite lumpy with the bits of cempedak in it, which was very strong. I didn't enjoy this much because of the overwhelming taste of cempedak and the lacklustre texture.

Gingerflower & Lychee Sorbet ($10.90) 🍨 6/10
This sorbet is prepared by Apiary and topped with roasted peanut crumble and lime jelly. The main notes of lychee were light and refreshing but I found the vegetal gingerflower aftertaste quite jarring.

Pulut Hitam Panna Cotta ($8.90) 🍮 5/10
The coconut panna cotta tasted and felt like the green part of peranakan kueh salat. Nothing like regular panna cotta and nowhere as silky or jelly-like. Fun but I wouldn't name it Panna cotta.

Sticky Red Date Pudding ($9.90) 🌰 8/10
I actually liked this the most because of the dense pudding and the vanilla ice cream!