Earlier this month when sweater weather was still a thing, I travelled down to Faber Drive specifically for Gelatolabo’s Fresh Tokyo Mochi Waffle (+$6.60) and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Made with nippon flour and mochi, the waffle was perfectly crusted. Think crisp, golden brown exterior and slight-sticky soft interior - so satisfying! Loving that initial crunch which yields to a delightfully bouncy and chewy inside as you cut into it.

Of course, having been to their hole-in-a-wall store at Jalan Besar several times, I had to get flavours that I didn’t come across previously or those that I have yet to try such as the 38% Milk Chocolate & Cereal Nibs as well as the Del Monte Banana & Cacao Nibs ($8/ Double - Premium). Not conventional but still relatively safe, the 38% Milk Chocolate & Cereal Nibs had a fun play of textures with the crunch from the clusters of handmade cereal nibs and smooth ice cream. It wasn’t too sweet and would be ideal for milk-chocolate lovers. Similarly, the Del Monte Banana & Cacao Nibs delivered a crowd-pleasing combination with the intensity of the banana flavour and bittersweetness of the dark cacao bits - very well-balanced in both taste and textures. For those in need of an added dose of chocolate, the Valrhona Chocolate Sauce (+$1) was just the thing being luscious and rich.

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