Opened for around a month, ASAP & Co is a Muslim-run establishment that had recently gained traction within the past few weeks — being a collaborative effort by the folks behind The Smok Hous and, the former is known for their smoked meats while the latter serves up the various desserts displayed at the counter when one first walks into ASAP & Co; the space being decked in lush greenery amidst the clean and white aesthetic that carries a slightly rustic-ness with its wooden elements and metallic frame chairs.

Case in point, the Salmon Lemak Api Bowl showcases the very best of what The Smok Hous has to offer for their smoked meats despite being a fish dish — whilst being a rice bowl dish, the same smoked salmon also appears in the Smok Norwegian Salmon Linguine for those who is looking for a pasta variant. The Salmon Lemak Api Bowl features elements such as Smok Norwegian Salmon, Creamy Lepak Cili Api, Edamame, Cherry Tomatoes, Steamed Short Grain Japanese Rice, Toasted Black Sesame Seeds, and Sous-Vide Egg; a pity that the yolk of the sous-vide egg was already leaking out of the whites by the time it arrived at the table, but the star of the dish is no doubt the Smok Norwegian Salmon. Beautifully smoked, what we really loved about their smoked salmon is how it came with a distinct smokiness from the grill; yet the fish comes with a slightly pinkish centre that is done medium rare — carrying notes of savouriness that is almost akin to cured salmon, but not being overly salty. The slab of salmon is absolutely delicious, served with skin-on, and well-executed on its own; left us pretty much craving for more as it gets wiped out in no-time; comes topped with the Creamy Lepak Cili Api smothered over the top — a rich coconut cream that somewhat further brings out the flavour of the salmon, though does seem to lack spiciness in general, which may be purposely done so to avoid overwhelming the flavours of the fish. Whilst the menu seem to suggest elements such as Edamame and Cherry Tomatoes are supposed to be served with the dish; almost akin to that of grain bowls served at other establishments, our order came with what seems to look like achar on the side — does give the dish a more local touch and is especially refreshing being crunchy with a slight tang and was a pretty welcoming change from what was listed on the menu. Mixing up the sous-vide egg into the rice bowl, it helps to create a creamier texture and binds all the elements in the bowl together.

Have heard that waiting times for food can be a tad long here for walk-in orders – pretty understandable because each order of the smoked meats are painstakingly smoked upon order; speaks a lot of their determination to serve up the best tasting meats for their patrons. That being said, ASAP & Co does allow patrons to make reservations and pre-order their smoked meats — helps to reduce the waiting times a little. Must say that we left pretty impressed by the smoked meats here; guess I am gonna develop cravings for their Smok Norwegian Salmon — difficult to find a spot that smokes their own fish and does that so well!