These two mains shared between two. Would advise not to choose this pairing because it was too jelak and there was no respite from the heavy flavours of both mains. But each dish in itself was exquisite. For the pasta, the nori cream was unique, though it’s very cloying. The chilli crab risotto is too much to have in one sitting, and the sous vide egg (to be mixed in) didn’t help. But the chilli crab sauce and the crab was great.

Service was good, we were welcomed by a sprightly staff who explained to us the concept of Scaled and staff were generally attentive. Service was a tad slow, but that’s probably because the place was packed (on weekday lunchtime!)

Overall it was $91 for two starters and two mains. On the pricier side, but I think the food (esp starters) just makes the cut for being worth it.