Not your usual hae mee.

In a corner of the newly renovated Golden Mile Food Centre, @oneprawnnoodle is helmed by a young hawker who had worked with some of the big names like Burnt Ends, Tong Le Private Dining, and Forlino.

Inspired by Penang style Hae Mee and Japanese ramen, the menu consists of Classic Big Prawn Noodles (from $5) and Prawn Ribs (from $6) to the Supreme Big Prawn Noodles ($10)

Will recommend to go for the Supreme soup option, since it includes everything like pork ribs, handmade tobiko prawn balls, even beancurd roll. A deep-orange hue broth as it is boiled for hours with cooked prawn shell, it has a subtle natural sweetness and that umami taste. Slurping good that I finished the broth!

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