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Always amazed by the generosity of the meat portions at dosirak when i ate their chicken and beef ones previously, so i decided to try out their salmon instead, because you know, its always a different story when it comes to salmon😹

True to my expectations, the cubes of salmon weren't as generous as the chicken and beef, but I wouldn't say it was stingy either. Cured salmon was salty but not overly so!

They sadly ran out of kimchi so i couldn't choose that as my side 😭 my other default toppings include cabbage, beansprouts, spinach; all the crunchy vegetables 😋

P.S. It was quite ridiculous because i was at the store with 2 other friends, and I eatsy-ed our orders for dine-in, as I had a promo code which would entitle $2 off each order. Order was accepted and indicated as being prepared. However, we waited quite awhile and saw other customers getting their orders even when they arrived much later than us and our orders still weren't ready. Checked with the staff and they said that apparently many people eatsy their orders but never turn up so they didn't prepare our orders. #whateven