I’ve tried ordering from Tiger Sugar at Chinatown Point multiple times around 8.30-9pm and they’re usually sold out of boba and small pearls - never ordered because the pearls are like 90% of the drink right?! Today, the large pearls were out of stock but there were still small pearls available so we just ordered anyway.

The cashier was patient and recommended the cream mousse - saying it’s really really nice. There wasn’t much of a queue while ordering, and we only had 3 people waiting ahead of us for their orders so we had our cup in less than 10 minutes in all. It’s a nicely presented beverage - with the brown sugar coating the cup, it really looks like a tiger’s stripes! We were instructed to shake at least 15 times before drinking, but even after 15 shakes there was still some residual brown sugar coating the cup.

Now this was a really creamy, milky and smooth beverage. To my surprise, it wasn’t as sweet as I expected given the amount of brown sugar there was inside. The small pearls were also perfect for chewing on as and when you wished to, because they were also small enough just to swallow if you’re too lazy to chew 🤣 Their texture was impeccable, very well cooked and bouncy. Overall we really liked Tiger Sugar’s Brown Sugar Pearl Milk, and wouldn’t mind buying it again, but we wouldn’t queue for it.