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I am usually not a fan of cream-based PASTAs as they can get really heavy & surfeiting. 🤣 However, this Fettucine with shrimp in lemon cream sauce ($22++) at @pizza_logic_sg eased my worries! ✌🏻
The tangy lemon zest 🍋 was pretty refreshing, making the cream sauce lighter on the palate. ✔ Coating every strand of pasta, the luscious sauce rendered an extremely creamy mouthfeel. Topped with springy prawns 🦐 & caviar for that luxurious touch, this was a winner! 💯
Fans of tomato-based pastas 🍅 can try their Paccheri with Neapolitan meat sauce ($22++), which comes with a generous amount of meatballs & spare ribs! 🍝 The paccheri in tube shape was pretty new to me - reminded me of mee hoon kueh but thinner & smoother! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Albeit not fall-off-the-bone tender, the spare ribs were extremely flavourful & sufficiently succulent. 😋
For meat-lovers or those on Keto, you can go for their Thin sliced Italian steak Tagliata ($32++), which features a slab of steak 🥩 topped with crisp Arugula & cherry tomatoes 🍅, drizzled with olive oil & balsamic vinegar. 👌🏻

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