SIMPLEburger is a relatively new burger concept at Serangoon Gardens, where you order a beef/natural beef/pork/chicken burger with fries, and it comes with free flow veggies.

I got the beef burger and it was pretty decent! It was quite tasty (would be a bit too salty if not for the veggies) and was on the softer side of beef patties because I think there were small diced onions inside. There was also bacon jam which really made it taste better. The fries were crispy, thickly cut and great.

As for the veggie bar, they have a decent variety of veggies. I liked the huge tomato slices, spinach and salsa the best. There’s also coleslaw and pickles, which my dad liked.

Overall an interesting concept, although the cashier was completely unhelpful and didn’t tell us what the veggies were for so we were actually clueless and thought that it would literally only be the burger patty, cheese, the buns, and the fries (her exact words) and so, we added on onions for $1. Anyhow, the onions were cooked and caramelised so I guess it was still quite worth it.