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Chicken wings. Gotta love em from the dummers all the way to the wing tips. And while Wong Ah Wah might be the well known big brother of chickens wings in KL, there seems to be a stall that rivals it in terms of taste, albeit in a different sense.

If salty chickens with burnt skin aren't your thing, Cu Cha Restaurant serves honey glazed roast chicken wings for RM 3 per wing for a sweeter alternative. Some people just want them nicely barbecued with some color and not all the way burnt.

Located on the same road as Wong Ah Wah, this place also sells other dishes like fried bean curd which we thought made great supper finger food as well as stir fried short neck clams and the likes. But we really would just come back for the chicken wings.

And don't bother comparing this with W.A.W, one is sweet and one is salty. It's like comparing char kuey teow with hor fun sup.

Disclaimer: The amount you spend is really dependent on how big of an eater you are. RM 10 wont be enough if you eat 10 pcs. But for a small eater like me, RM 10 is enough.