Went on a wed night, wasn’t v crowded but they were 80% full. Service crew was great, they check in often to see if you need to top up your soup or have any dishes to clear.

Good variety, but the ingredients wasn’t as luxurious as the shown in the burrple post (scallops, squid & seafood in general were subpar quality) but hey I’m not complaining for a $10pp buffet. Meat-wise, it’s either original or mala flavoured beef, chicken, pork and lamb. I liked the mala which was slightly numbing but flavour packed. Other selections such as veggies and proceed foods were normal. The soup was flavourful, but might a tad bit too heavy on the msg.

It is an outdoor seating, tables are well spread out and there is a 90min time limit.

Taste 7/10
Value 10/10
I will only return if the burrple deal is still ongoing.