Personally I don't fancy having chicken and waffles as I can't really appreciate savoury waffles. But this combination by Popeyes was surprisingly not bad.

Eating it as a whole was kinda problematic for me because it was huge. And so I had the chicken with one waffle. The general impression I had was a complex flavour, sort of messy, because there was sweetness and spiciness from the spicy maple syrup, there was creamy cheesy flavour from the cheddar cheese, savoriness from the chicken meat itself. Seemed like they were really ambitious in trying to create something new by lumping all the flavours together. I was confused as to what really to taste, but if I were to take it layer by layer, it's pretty decent. The meat was tender and juicy, and look at the cheese and spicy maple, how generous. The waffles were soft but not buttery fragrant enough.

A chicken & waffles set meal includes a drink and a Cajun mashed potato that was slightly spicy. There were minced meat in the mashed potato too! The chicken & waffle is available till 28 April only.

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