Came here for my birthday celebration in March and wow was so hyped because of all the reviews I heard... my little sister ordered the Bolognese and honestly even I was shook I had around 5 different people replying to my Insta story saying they could cook something similar to this lmfao

this was 20 bucks? Or so? Can’t remember was the small portion get the large if you want to be full....... but yeah was really underwhelming. service was meh too bought a cake from Olivia nearby before they changed the recipe (you’d know how fast it melt) asked the service staff if we could eat there (Ofc it’s okay for her to refuse because outside food policy) but she said we could ONLY if we purchased another dessert damn.... son... our bill was already 400$ there about. From a CRM perspective would totally have let the customer have the cake in the resraurant.

But taste is really average. And for the price.... La Nonna hands down anyday.