This new entrant to Pavilion is no stranger to us all, especially dessert lovers. With the opening of its third outlet, Kakigori also gives us new, never-before-eaten delicacies to try! We’re talking about the Omugi Soup with Matcha Ice Cream (RM18). This hot zenzai (Japanese sweet soup) is a health-giving bowl of warm barley cooled with a dollop of matcha ice cream, served with osmanthus honey, matcha jelly and red beans. The elaborate combination strikes a delightfully harmonious balance between sweet and bitter, hot and cold. The other new item that’s most likely to lure shoppers to stop for sweets is the Yoyogi Custard Pudding (RM11), burnt caramel custard pudding that slides off the spoon for a perfectly dense and creamy treat.
Avg price per person: RM15