Hainanese coffeeshop 真美珍茶室 on East Coast Road. Went there on a weekday morning, hence the queue was reasonable. Waited about 15mins to get seat.

I tried the signature traditional charcoal toasted bun with authentic kaya and a thick slab of butter reasonably priced at $4.90. The petite size Chocolate Peanut Butter Tart priced at $2.20, caught my attention, decided to grab one and tried. To my surprise, the tart is really good. Thick rich chocolate with slight saltiness from the peanut butter.

Tabao-ed their otah bun home. They were pretty good. Big piece of otah wrapped with the bun.

Overall experience: The kaya and butter ratio were reasonable and the service staff was friendly and proactive. I probably find CMC better than YY kafei

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