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One of the newest items to hit @lebonfunk’s dinner menu which also came highly recommended by the restaurant’s staff.
Layers of thinly sliced briny beef tongue sandwiched between a punchy sauce spiked with crunchy cornichons, herbs & mustard and pillowy buttered brioche (real good crumb @tanzybra, we’re so proud!). There’s so much meat stuffed between those buns (check 1:1 tongue to brioche ratio), that chunks of filling helplessly fall out whenever we took a bite; but all that’s part of the joy when savouring a sammich - picking at the loose ends off your plate.
Sincerely wishing that this luxurious number will be included in their inaugural delivery menu if and when they should launch one!

PS: Shoutout to @sanchialuke who waited on our table, for your graceful yet outstandingly attentive service that night!

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