Enjoying my order of frozen dim sum and food from @yumchasg through @misstamchiak Facebook live sale on 14 June
Delivered on 19 June

Piglet Bao (S$11.50/ 6pcs) - stuffed with chocolate filling
Custard Bao (S$10/ 6pcs)
Baked Egg Tarts (S$11.50/ 9pcs)
Pig Trotters in Vinegar (S$13.50/ 800g)
Black Chicken Soup with American Ginseng (S$25/ 900ml)
Pomelo Mango Sago (S$10/ 500g)

Don’t know why but little man preferred the yellow piglet to the pink ones. He said the pink one didn’t taste nice.

Note 📝 : free delivery with minimum S$60 order.
Free XO Carrot Cake with minimum S$80 order