Queue was surprisingly short when we went at 8 pm on a Friday night and we found out why - the stall has finished selling their signature pork chop fried rice! 😭 Nevertheless, we were encouraged to try their fried rice with shrimps and XO paste! Rice was fluffy and flavourful like that served at their Golden Mile outlet, and the XO provided a nice spicy kick to the rice! Shrimps were pretty standard. Personally, we think it's quite a steal to be able to get the dish without much of a queue, even though we know many people would rave for the pork chop instead!

At $6.50, it is on the pricier side of hawker food, but worth it if you are craving for an above-average plate of fried rice. However, the serving is quite small so for the big eaters out there, you may want to consider getting another side dish from the hawker centre!