We have heard a lot about Thus Coffee but given it's slightly-inconvenient location at the Sembawang Hills area, it was hard to find a chance to visit! We finally had the chance to head down today and we were pretty impressed by it's quaint and cosy interior. Even though it was a rainy weekday afternoon, the cafe was surprisingly still pretty crowded!

We got a crowd favourite for lunch - the prawn aglio olio! The dish uses linguine and a really generous amount of garlic, coupled with mushrooms, (pretty big) prawns and a decent serving of cut chillies. Pasta texture was just right and it wasn't too hard or too soggy, although we thought that the serving was a little small for the $19++ paid for this dish. The prawns were big, although we suspect that they were of the frozen variety, although this is small matter to us. The dish wasn't that spicy but if you are unable to take spicy food, you might want to tell the staff to reduce the spice level even further!

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