Passed by their new outlet and got these interesting (or gimmicky?) modular food at only 3 for $5! Rather fuss-free option for the working crowd, brought it back for my aldesko meal which still tasted fine; and gave me the illusion that I was satiated for less. Perfect for people like me who love variety and are often indecisive on what to get. Picked the bacon creamy mashed potato that was pretty hearty and tasty, nothing much to fault but falls a little flat texture wise. My solution was to alternate between the other two flavours - Nasi Lemak (Otah, Egg, pandan coconut rice that was subtly fragrant, complete with your typical anchovies and sambal chili that I personally thought was too sweet) and yuzu salmon rice (citrus salmon, beetroot/spinach rice). Will be back to try the other flavours while the 3 for $5 promotion is still on!😛