Sunset way has now turned into the land of gelato and ice cream, just like how we know Toa Payoh to be the land of bubble tea. A visit to, inspired by Winnie the Pooh and its fictional Hundred Acre Wood, was filled with happiness especially with its warm colour tone interior.

I can’t deny the fact that I was spoilt for choice with their interesting flavours selection such as ocean blue and peach basil. Finally decided on the honey chrysanthemum with cacao nibs as I was craving for a floral flavour on that day. Instead of a mere white floral taste, I was first greeted by the sweet honey note, followed by a delicate herbal floral sweetness, and slight bitterness as I bite into the cacao nibs. Extremely delighted by this tasteful rhythm, boosted further by the choice of a rosemary cone. The herbaceous, lemon piney notes that came through were way intense than what you get from the thyme-infused cone at BOP.

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