Given how inaccessible this place is, the thought of dining here had never crossed my mind, till my friend suggested this place. Located in Marina Country Club, the restaurant faces the Punggol waterfront, where various boats were seen parked there, seemingly for water activities in the day such as wakeboarding. With both indoor and alfresco dining, we opt for alfresco for a better ambience since the weather was nice and breezy that day, that is until it started to drizzle at night.

Food wise, they serve typical dishes seen in any other zi char restaurants. Ordered the usual Sambal Kang Kong, Claypot Tofu and Salted Egg Chicken which were tasty but nothing much to shout about as they were pretty much like any other run off the mill zi char restaurants.

Would I come back again, probably not any time soon as I can get the same dishes at places nearer my house.

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