Get into the Mamba Mentality with the maniacal Mamba Burger ($19) from A colossal collab between @meatsmith_sg & @parkbenchdeli where the madlads from both sides took a fantastic cheeseburger from Meatsmith, and shoved in a massive mound of meat in the form of smoked beef pastrami AND corned beef. Because, y’know, more meat makes meat even better. Science, bitch!⠀

I have fawned over Meatsmith’s fantastic cheeseburgers before, and it’s the same here. A 100% brisket patty has 2 slices of MURICAN cheese melted over it. Before the top half of the dense & soft potato bun comes in to seal the deal, the pastrami & corned beef are heaped atop the patty, a helping of homemade coleslaw joins in the orgy, said orgy is lubricated by redolent Russian dressing, and a pair of pickles quietly slid in through the backdoor and are just trying hard to blend in.⠀

Yes, it’s a maelstrom of meat, but it’s a goddamn magnificent maelstrom of meat, and you WILL love it (or else). The normal smokiness of the cheeseburger patty gets upped by about 200% due to the charming corned beef & pastrami, which are supremely smoky & satisfyingly salty. Oh, and they’re pretty tender too. The corn in the ‘slaw is hopelessly out of place, but hey since it’s here might as well.⠀

The Mamba is a massive, meat-laden burger that requires you to make like a snake to fit the entire thing in your maw, but it is unadulterated & greatly gratifying gluttony at its best. Unfortunately, it’s a takeaway & delivery only exclusive, which means that it will almost never be enjoyed at its hot, fresh off the grill prime. They should make this a permanent fixture at both @meatsmith_sg & @parkbenchdeli, so that everyone can gorge themselves on the glorious creation.⠀

Currently it’s only available till Valentines Day, so fellas... give your special lady the gift of your massive, meaty Mamba on the 14th and she’ll love you 3000 5ever.

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