Perhaps this item had slipped my sight a few times already, but I thought of giving it a try since I had already ordered other sorts of appetisers before this.

Rojak was probably perceived as a well-known hawker food in Singapore. Over here, sliced cucumbers and pineapples were covered in Rojak sauce (read: sweet) before the chef dropped fried calamari sticks (wait, it’s actually not cuttlefish?) on the Rojak like playing pick-up sticks. Surprisingly, the taste of the fusion was quite interesting, as I noticed myself dipping the calamari into the sauce and eating them together with the Rojak. Quite a nice appetiser actually, for a whole table of us for S$15.00.

I must also remind everyone that Rojak sauce is largely in the sweet side, so try not to swallow down too much of it at one go.

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