Unagi was yummy but the outside of the fish wasn’t grilled to crispiness enough in our opinion. The broiled eel seasoned with salt tasted very ordinary, I would recommend to skip it and just go for the grilled ones seasoned with unagi sauce, unless you like very plain tasting fish and want to taste how unagi is without the sauce (to my unrefined tastebuds it just had a very mild taste of generic fish).

The unagi sauces were really nice and that probably made the grilled ones taste delicious. A pity it wasn’t charred enough, because the charred taste would’ve made this dish perfect.

It is quite expensive but you’re paying for good quality fish. It’s worth a try, especially if you like unagi.

We visited on a Sunday afternoon and managed to get a seat for two. The seating is a little bit cramped but I guess it makes for a cozy dining atmosphere.