I’m a huge fan of cocktails, and what more, cocktails with a touch of local infusion in it.

The team at @jekyllandhyde.sg have recently launched a new cocktail menu, where you can find your local lookalikes such as the Kopi-O Fashioned ($22) or the Sesame Street ($22).

The Kopi-O Fashioned was my choice of drink thanks to my love of coffee. Not only that, the combination of coffee infused scotch, maple syrup, cardamon bitters, topped with stout reduction foam, reminds you of your Kopi-o-gao, but with an alcoholic twist & on steroids. A drink that I can drink any time of the day, because it’s that good.

Another favourite on the table was the Sesame Street. Looking much like your traditional Chinese white / black sesame paste dessert, Sesame Street was an alcoholic twist to the local delight. A creamy, nutty and smooth concoction was made using vodka, black sesame, coconut cream and ginger pandan syrup. Something so simple, yet taste so heavenly.

Last but not least, a classic that every whisky lover would like, Rest My Case ($21). The perfect drink for negroni lovers who loves that smoky punch with every sip. It ends with a charred grapefruit to add to the smokiness with a slight hint of grapefruit infused in the drink.

Best deal for you guys, if you’re on #burpplebeyond, these drinks are going at 1 for 1. Imagine 2 delicious cocktails at ~$10 each, worth it, ain’t it?

Thank you @burpple for this lovely invite! & Mike + Ee Chien for sharing with us!
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