My friends and I ordered 2 x Sunbathed Mermaid - Pan Seared Cajun Salmon ($18 each) , Oven Roasted Beef Back Ribs ($28) & Boston Love Boat - Cioppino ($28).

The Sunbathed Mermaid - Pan Seared Cajun Salmon is a simple classic, comfort food which consist of salmon, asparagus, red cabbage, cherry tomatoes and lemon butter with a side of waffle fries. It looks simple but the vegetables is saturated perfectly and the lemon butter sauce compliments well with the salmon.

I heard of pork and lamb ribs but it is my first time heard of beef ribs which Oven Roasted Beef Back Ribs is all about. I would expect it to be served in a steakhouse or rib restaurant than in an elegant restaurant hence I didn't expect much. However, the beef ribs served is delicious too. It is paired with a delicious sweet potato fries.

Lastly is the Boston Love Boat - Cioppino which is seafood with tomato broth in a bowl in covered by puff pastry. The seafood given is generous.

Spent a total of $54.14 after using eatigo discount of 50%.

I would also like to thank the staff for letting me buy a cake from outside to have it later at their restaurant and storing it for me.

One thing could be improve on is to have better lighting in the restaurant.