Which is which??

We changed it up to an XXL just 2mins submitting our order haha. Ravenous + the hype contributed to this impulse.

But no regrets mostly! Nothing like fresh dough and hand kneaded things of pizza and pastas. (Pizza in this case)

The porcini mushroom is insanely fragrant. It first smushes in your mouth and then releases this earthy scent that circles so distinctly in your mouth before lingering on and on. !!! 😱👏🏻👏🏻

While the ham and who doesn’t like a smiley sunny side up in your pizza to greet. This tasted decent. Nothing too memorable.

We have to say though, right in the middle, we found some pretty soft and soggy patches to my baker friend’s experience is undercooked. Hmmmm

That said, we polished it all up 💪🏼 well aside from 4 squares. Hha

8.5/10 for mushroom (would be clear 9 or 9.5 if there were more mushrooms)

7/10 for bacon and egg!

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