The gelatos here are churned each day in a special combi machine that was shipped directly from Italy, and made without any added premixes, colouring or preservatives. Priced at $4.20 per scoop with an extra $0.80 per scoop for premium flavours, the menu offers a range of classic flavours and specialty ones that are unique to the brand.

From classic favourites such as Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Earl Grey, Coconut with Choco Chip, Yogurt Strawberry, Melted Butter Coffee to indulging flavours like Ferrero Rocher or Pistachio, the gelato at GelatiAmo will appeal to all ages. If you are looking for something unique, try out the store’s specialty such as Burrata Balsamico or seasonal rotations such as Champagne Grapefruit and Almond & Turmeric. Besides having the gelato in a cup or cone, you can also choose to enjoy it in a brioche, square cinnamon-coated doughnuts or have it as an affogato paired with Brazil single-origin coffee beans.
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📍 1 Fusionopolis Way, Connexis, Unit B1-11, Singapore 138632
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