I still remember when I was in secondary school, my mom often brought me here because the army market is located just upstairs, where they sell all the essential items for NPCC, which was my CCA. Also during my poly days, my internship was located really nearby, so I often ate here for lunch break. There are actually so many awesome things to eat here such as the chicken rice and hokkien mee, but I have to say that one of my favourites has got to be the ah balling glutinous rice balls! This stall has been there for quite some time. They sell rice balls with many flavours such as green tea, red bean, peanut and sesame seed. I love that the price is so reasonable (5 for $2) and the rice balls are so big, chewy and filled generously. Beware of the oozing of the fillings though, haha! These glutinous rice balls are then served in either peanut or ginger soup. Peanut is more favourable for me as I feel that it's tasty but not too sweet. Even though I have officially ended my internship, but whenever I am nearby, I would try to make it a point to have this soup! So head over and try it if you love 汤圆. Btw it's at #01-75
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