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However I was disappointed to see that the eggs are removed from the menu, leaving only the free flow salad and soup behind (both extremely forgettable but hey, it’s free. If you need to know, the salad is doused in that goma sauce; you know which one)

I got the KEI Signature Kaisendon [$16] and what you see is kinda exactly what you get. It’s an average Kaisendon for below average prices so you would have to adjust your expectations. It comes w nicely sized chunks of tuna, salmon, tako, and some other fish that I honestly forgot right after. There was also a slice of abalone, some ikura, and diced cucumber, all sitting on a bed of Wakame.

Tuna had a mushy texture while everything else was fine. The signature sauce wasn’t too invasive, tasting like a typical soy and sesame oil combination that almost faded into the background. The nori was a bit floppy, I think it could have used a quick toast so it doesn’t result in an unnecessarily cumbersome eating experience. Rice wasn’t as pearly and glossy as you would want from a Japanese rice bowl, but it’s not too bad either.

The dining area is really small and cramped and the staff are rather curt so I would suggest KEI Kaisendon if you want a quick dinner alone.

Eat your average Kaisendon, pay a good price for it, and get out.