Beef scorched rice @ $28++

This dish is superbly good. One bite into the rice and it brought me back to Japan with the strong garlic flavour. Plus it's on a hotplate so it's kind of claypot inspired and the bottom parts are nicely charred. The beef steak is super great as well, the meat is juicy and tender, super easy to bite into. There's also a little bit of smokey taste in it that goes so well with the rice.

And it also comes with sambal chilli that's so southeast asian yet blends in so well with both the rice and beef.

We got this with Truffle Somen with Hotate & Caviar ($16++) using the 1 for 1 burpple beyond deal, and it's a super good deal. It tasted great as well with good amount of truffle taste and the hotate was fresh. Good thing that they served this before the beef scorched rice so that we could taste its good-ness before the super awesome dish came.

Love this place as an after-work hangout, there's quite a lot of bar bites options to choose from as well.

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