The name "Osaka 'Fluffy' Pancakes" made me assume that the pancakes were going to be soufflés. But they weren't, they were just normal pancakes ☹ So that was quite disappointing, but I'll give them props for the aesthetically-pleasing plating, and the sauce was not bad too. Although it took a while for them to serve the pancakes (which made me further assume that they were making soufflés, yes I'm still salty about that).

But they managed to redeem themselves with the Houjicha ice cream. YUMMY. I LOVE the aftertaste of the ice cream after it has melted in my mouth. That aromatic roasted tea leaves flavour that lingered after each spoonful is *chef's kiss* 😚👌🏻 Just can't get enough of it. The Matcha on the other hand was okay, a bit underwhelming as it was more creamy than matcha-y, if you get what I mean. It got a bit "jelak" after a while. So note to self, next time forget about the Matcha, get the Houjicha ice cream instead!