Stoked to try the newly launched weekend brunch menu from @kiposgourmet ! Of course, they never disappoint. A bit thrown off to not get what I came for, the avo and smoked salmon. On hindsight, I’m glad this happened because it made me go all out and explore their menu. So I built my own brunch!

Waited a while (worth it) and to my surprise, my bowl came well platted which was a visual feast to my eyes before I even got started. My BYO brunch came with cauliflower waffles (the choice was obvious! Other options were sourdough and brioche) under the bread section. It was made with cauliflower florets and cheese. How ingenious. YUM.

Got the eggs Benedicts under toppings and for the protein it was a no brainer to choose the tempeh patty given their repeated success with the sambal tempeh (easily my fav tempeh in SG). Needless to say, it was amazing! In fact, it tasted a whole lot better than the sambal tempeh. Not sure if it was because it came HOT, freshly seared from the pan. The tempeh patty was insanely flavorful, thick and chunky though less compact in comparison but very moist, basically everything you’d expect from a patty. IM SOLD.

This should be included in their regular menu really. I’m not on a vegan diet but Kipos provides such extensive amazing options for vegans, i would happily be a convert (on days) 🤪 They are absolutely my go to for my occasional meatless Mondays. For the rest of my meal, I got the sautéed mushroom and sweet potato fries as well.